Limit Your COVID-19 Exposure By Hiring Ace Small Claims to File for You

Posted on Aug 11, 2020

Limit Your COVID-19 Exposure By Hiring Ace Small Claims to File for You

Let us handle your court-related filings while you continue to shelter at home.

With a global pandemic to consider, it just doesn’t make sense to take unnecessary chances when your health is already at risk. Rather than stand in line at the courthouse to file the necessary paperwork, why not let us do it for you? Not only does it save you time and keep you from going out in public where you could potentially be exposed, but it also gives you one less thing to think about when the entire state received instructions to wear masks and continue to practice social distancing.

Take Care of Your Small Claims Needs With One Dedicated Company

For a small fee, we handle all of your paperwork for you. Calling us to discuss your needs and to provide us with the information necessary for filing your small claim is the starting point. Once we’ve received the information, we’re able to take it to the courthouse for you. There’s no standing in line waiting to have someone see you, nor is there a chance of you potentially compromising your health by being in the same space as someone who is asymptomatic.

The package fees that we charge take care of all court costs, servicing defendants, and waiting in line. The only thing that we require of you is to show up to court on your scheduled date and time of appearance. It really is that easy!

Ace Small Claims Always Has Your Best Interests in Mind

Let us handle your filing needs for you. There is no need for you to risk exposure as a high-risk person or household. Stay where you are, and let us take care of your business for you. Not only does our service save you time, but it also limits the number of people you come into contact with to get your paperwork filed for you.

What Ace Process Service Has to Offer Its Customers

Posted on Jul 13, 2020

What Ace Process Service Has to Offer Its Customers

The testimonials that we’ve received says it all.

If you’re looking for a business that does the hard work for you by filing paperwork with the court system on your behalf and locating people who have ghosted you through highly effective skip tracing services, you’ve come to the right place. Ace Process Service puts our customers first.

How Our Customers Feel About the Level of Service We Provide

One look at our testimonial page, and you’ll be aware of the high level of customer service we provide to each and every person that reaches out to us with a request for assistance. We pride ourselves on being a company that takes good care of its people.

Here are some firsthand accounts of how we did just that:

Jeff is the best at this type of work! I should really say amazing!! He really knows his stuff. Jeff helped me out with a small claims suit. He filed all the important paperwork and got everything moving in the right direction to go to court. I was hit by a car while on my bike and hurt pretty bad. Long story, but if you ever need legal help with anything, please call Jeff first. I can’t thank him enough.” – Steve R. from El Segundo, CA

I called them to get some advice and direction on a Small Claims Case I had coming up the following day. David stopped and took 10 minutes to explain what to expect and what to do so I would feel comfortable during the process. He did not charge me a dime. I would trust them with my case if I were you. If I lose my initial trial, I will be hiring them for my appeal!” – Mike B. from North Hollywood, CA

The testimonials we’ve received were from customers who reviewed us on YELP. As you can see, we put people first by listening to their requests and providing them with the best solutions possible. Also, we treat all of our customers with care and respect as we know that it can be tough to ask for help when they need it most.

Be Ace Process Service’s Next Satisfied CustomerNow that you know what sets us apart from other companies that provide similar services in the area, you’re able to give our company a try. Find out for yourself what it means to be a satisfied customer. We go above and beyond to make sure that we meet your needs, and that you’ve received everything that you need from us to feel at peace with the processing service requested and delivered on behalf of you.

5 Clever Ways to Get Your Past Due Accounts to Pay You Now

Posted on Jun 8, 2020

5 Clever Ways to Get Your Past Due Accounts to Pay You Now

A legal battle is always the last resort.

If you have debtors that refuse to pay what they owe to you, there are some things you can do to make them take action without legal action. It takes some cleverness and creativity but is much easier than you imagined it to be to implement. To help you with the process, we’ve come up with some surefire solutions for getting paid.

Below, learn five clever ways to get your past due accounts to pay you now.

#1: Be friendly but firm.

Make all communications going forward feel like friendly reminders but spell out the terms and conditions of the repayment plan options available for the debtor to choose from today. Letting them know what the consequences are for not paying a debt can help them see the urgency in doing so right away.

#2: Point out the clause that deals with all monies owed.

Remind them of the legal contract that exists between you and them. Clearly label the invoice with the appropriate language that causes them to take action and accountability for the debt they owe.

#3: Get them to agree to have payments automatically drafted from their bank account.

Rather than allow them to submit payment by phone, ask that they have the money taken out of their bank account automatically each month. Help them see the value in automatic payments by stating how easy it is to forget to pay manually.

#4: Offer them a deal where they pay less than what they owe.

You can allow the debtor to settle the debt in full for less. If they pay off the balance today, offer them a five to ten percent discount.

#5: Give them multiple payment options.

Let them decide which payment method works best for them. That way, you’re not met with resistance because they don’t have a major credit card or have lost their debit card.

Ace Process Service Helps You Get the Money That is Owed to You

Are you still having trouble collecting on past due accounts? Let Ace Process Service assist you with the matter so that you’re not wasting valuable time getting results. We’ll file the necessary paperwork with the court on your behalf so that you can spend your time focused on something else. If you have multiple debtors that refuse to pay, let us know so we can make one trip to serve them with a notice to appear in court.

Ace Process Service Helps You Get the Money That is Owed to You

Posted on May 11, 2020

Ace Process Service Helps You Get the Money That is Owed to You

Stop trying to reason with unreasonable people by letting us do the work.

Are you tired of people giving you the run around when it comes to the money that they owe you? Are you struggling to pay your bills because you trusted people to make good on their promise to pay for the products or services they acquired from you? If you’ve loaned out cash or delivered goods that never got taken care of, it’s time to do something about it once and for all.

Ace Process Service Can Assist You in Many Ways

If you need assistance collecting on debts due to you, there are many ways we can help. The services we provide make fast work out of filing court orders, locating debtors, and serving them papers. We take care of the tasks so that you can carry on with business as usual.

During times of financial uncertainty, it only makes sense to collect money owed to you. If your requests for payment have fallen on deaf ears, let us assist you. You’ve done what you could do without seeking legal action.

Skip Tracing Services Lets Us Locate a Debtor Fast

We help get the money that a person owes you. Rather than spin your wheels trying to make contact with the person, why not file a lawsuit against the debtor? Having problems locating them? Don’t worry!

We’re expert skip tracers. We’ll find the person that you’ve filed a lawsuit against and serve them with papers. That way, they’re forced to take care of the issue without delay. You’ll get the money owed to you and spend less time thinking about the person who is defaulting on their contract or loan.

Contact Us Right Away with Your Request for Service

We’re all in this together. Let us know what we can do to assist you and provide you with peace of mind. We’re only just a phone call or email away.

Maintain Your Distance By Having Ace Process Service File Your Court Documents

Posted on Apr 13, 2020

Maintain Your Distance By Having Ace Process Service File Your Court Documents

Stay at home where you belong during the coronavirus outbreak.

Timing is everything. If you can amicably settle a debt between you and a debtor, it’s essential to do so. It prevents you from going to court where you risk exposure to the coronavirus. If financial concerns make collecting the debt imperative to your survival, let us take care of you with our rush court service. We’ll take the precautionary measures necessary to protect ourselves while we file your relevant documents with the court.

What Rush Court Service Entails

The expedited service allows us to file time-sensitive documents on your behalf, so you don’t need to enter the courthouse. We also serve necessary paperwork to the debtor, so they’re aware of what is taking place about their outstanding debt. We prefer to limit our contact with people as much as possible, so we request that you use the service only when it is imperative to do so.

Keep in mind that you will receive a court date that you must attend if the court has not closed. It is a possibility, so being diligent about following updates is imperative. You’ll need to contact the court for further instruction if your small claims hearing gets moved to another date. That way, you don’t miss your opportunity to see the judge and discuss your case.

What to Do When You Need to File a Lawsuit in Small Claims Court

There is no need to expose yourself to a potential health risk for the time being. If you can postpone action until a later date, please consider doing so. If writing a final request for payment doesn’t warrant the response you hoped for, feel free to contact us. We’ll be able to answer any questions that you have about our services as well as what to expect in the upcoming weeks if the courts close temporarily.

What to Do When You’re Owed Money and a Person Refuses to Pay You

Posted on Mar 9, 2020

What to Do When You’re Owed Money and a Person Refuses to Pay You

You deserve compensation for following through with your end of the bargain.

As a business, you know what it’s like to try to collect unpaid invoices and fees for broken contracts. It feels as if you’re putting a lot of effort in only to get ignored. If your request for payment remains unanswered, it’s time to step things up and take legal action against the individual or business owing you money.

When a Debtor Has Had Plenty of Time to Pay But Ignores Your Request

In the state of California, you have the right to seek damages in small claims court. Before you contact us with your request, however, it’s best to take the following steps to ensure that you’ve done everything you can to get the debtor to pay. If they think that you’re planning to pursue legal action against them, they may make a last-ditch effort to pay you to avoid a lawsuit.

Here’s what you need to do if a debtor owes you money but refuses to pay you:

  1. Write a final letter detailing the debt. Include the current amount owed with late fees and how it continues to incur interest at a rate of 10 percent per year. Note that you’ll use all reasonable means to collect the debt, including wage garnishment and liens on real property, according to California law.
  2. If the debtor reaches out, help them find ways to pay the debt. As noted by the California Courts: The Judicial Branch of California, suggest that they offer up their tax refund to pay their debt or hold a garage sale to make money to take care of what they owe.
  3. Pursue legal action. That’s when you contact a small claims company such as ours to work on your behalf. You’ve already put enough time and energy into the collection process.

The best-case scenario involves the debtor paying you on their own without the need to include the courts. If they continue to ignore your requests for payment, however, you’ll have taken the steps necessary to seek legal action against them.

What Ace Small Claims Service Does for Its Clients Who are Owed Money

Get the money that you’re owed by having Ace Small Claims Service do the hard work for you. For a flat fee, we’ll take care of all the necessary forms required to file a small claims lawsuit with the court. We’ll provide proof of service and serve the defendant. We’ll then provide you with all documentation in a packet for you to reference. The only thing required of you once we’ve finished the process is for you to appear in court on the date and time appointed to you.

Is Small Claims Mediation Right for Me?

Posted on Feb 10, 2020

If you are considering filing a case against someone, you might be curious if small claims mediation is right for you. Small claims mediation is most useful when the dispute is with someone you know or you want to keep a positive ongoing relationship with. Small claims mediation is low cost and sometimes free, which makes it an ideal option for those who wish to resolve disputes amicably. 

Taking part in an angry or bitter case before a judge is often damaging to relationships. Individuals who want to maintain a positive relationship get the most out of small claims mediation because they can have a discussion about the issues while sharing their frustrations in a way that may not be allowed in a court setting.

Mediation can be beneficial even for those who are not concerned about necessarily maintaining a close relationship. A successful mediation also reduces the chance that a case will be lost. Additionally, you can keep control of the whole process in mediation; whereas in court, the judge has control. Mediation also offers an immediate resolution and the other party is typically more likely to hold up their end of the deal or payment requirement. When someone loses in court, they often drag their feet when it comes to paying or they fail to out of anger. 

Small claims court mediation may not be for everyone. If you just want what you are asking for (no more or no less, no matter the reason), or if you just want the opposing party to suffer in a court case before a judge, then mediation is likely not worth your time. Consider what outcome you want to see from a case before you make the decision to mediate. 

7 Steps for Taking Your Small Claims Case to Court

Posted on Nov 11, 2019

Your guide to having a more successful outcome overall.

Before you decide to sue another person, it’s important to try to resolve the issue as amicably as possible. If you don’t need to involve the court system, you won’t be forced to pay for filing fees, court costs, and a lawyer. You can approach it in two different ways. The first is to send a demand letter, and the second is to try mediation.

The seven steps necessary for taking your small claims case to court, according to the California Courts are:

  1. Naming the Defendant. This step refers to the person or business that owes you money.
  2. Asking for the Money Due to You. If the Defendant doesn’t handle the request in a reasonable amount of time, going to small claims court may be the right option for you.
  3. Discovering a Court That Will Hear Your Claim. You won’t need to spend an extensive amount of time locating a judge to hear your case because Ace Small Claims Service helps you with this step.
  4. Filling Out Forms for Court. When you provide your information to us, we fill out all the necessary paperwork, so you don’t need to.
  5. Filing a Claim to Be Heard by a Judge. Paying for our service ensures that we’re the ones standing in line to file your claim, not you.
  6. Having a Claim Served to the Defendant. This step occurs when the person you’re suing gets notice of the lawsuit.
  7. Going to Court When You’re Ordered to Do So.  The court sets a time and date for your trial, which you’re required to be present for throughout the proceeding.

Going through the hassle of filling out paperwork and standing in line to file it is unnecessary. With Ace Small Claims Service, you’re not required to do either task. We do it for you, so you can better spend your time preparing for your case. Contacting us by phone allows us to discuss the process and flat fee we charge for helping you with your request. By the time we finish our part of the agreement, all you need to do is show up at the scheduled time and date dictated by the court.

7 Common Types of Lawsuits Seen in Small Claims Court

Posted on Jul 8, 2019

7 Common Types of Lawsuits Seen in Small Claims Court

Before you decide to pursue a small claims case, it is important to determine whether the facts of your case fall into the realm small claims court. There do happen to be limitations regarding what kinds of cases can be seen in small claims courtrooms. What are the most common types of small claims lawsuits? 

(This list does not include all of the types of lawsuits seen in small claims but some of the most common.)

Bad Debt

A bad debt is a type of contract case. In order to succeed in small claims court with this type of case, you need to have proof that the debt exists as well as its amount. You will also need evidence of when the payment was due as well proof that the person who owes you money has not paid it (in whole or part).

Breach of Contract

In this case, one or more terms of a contract (oral, written or implied) has been broken by the defendant. 

Breach of Warranty

An implied or written warranty that has been extended to you by a merchant, has been breached and, as a result, you suffered a monetary loss. 

Failure to Return a Security Deposit

This type of contract case takes place commonly between landlords and tenants when a landlord fails to return a security deposit. Evidence is necessary to prove that a deposit was made, that the premises were cleaned and undamaged upon exit and that security deposit funds were not returned.

Personal Injury

In this type of case, the plaintiff is suing due to intentional or negligent behavior that has caused they suffered personal injury.

Professional Malpractice

A professional such as a doctor lawyer or other professional has failed to use the skills of other ordinary members of their profession which results in harm toward the plaintiff. 

Property Damage

Irrational or careless behavior results in damage to the suing party’s personal property.

3 Mistakes to Avoid in Small Claims Court

Posted on Nov 12, 2018

3 Mistakes to Avoid in Small Claims Court

If you have to go to small claims court, you are going with one objective in mind: to win. Although there are steps you can take to increase the chances that you will do just that, there are also some blunders you could make that have the capability of costing you points in the courtroom. Below are some of the most common and damaging mistakes made in small claims court.

Failing to Adequately Prepare

This is probably the most obvious mistake one can make in small claims court. Failing to take the time to properly prepare for your case can cost you. Information often helps win a case. It is important you have the appropriate information ready before you even file a lawsuit to prevent your case from bouncing. Be sure you have the correct names, dates, addresses, and any other details necessary to support your claim.

Assuming the Judge Already Knows About Your Case

You know what happened to you and why you are heading to small claims court in the first place in an attempt to have justice served. You also know what it is you need to prove. But you need more than just that. You need to be able to articulate it to the judge in a way that helps him understand the situation so he can make a ruling that supports your position. Rambling on about the details without focus is a good way to turn the judge from you and can create confusion.

Deciding Against Using a Lawyer

Lawyers help people on a regular basis. There is wisdom in talking with one about the ins and outs of court before you step foot in the courtroom. A lawyer not only can help to represent you but can help you to prep for trial. Failing to consult a lawyer can be a terrible mistake when it comes to winning your court case. Some small claims courts may not allow you to be represented by counsel but you can still speak to one before you file your claim.

Do not be rash and jump right into the option of pursuing a case in small claims court without being well prepared beforehand.