Guidelines for Small Claims Filings

  1. You may file as many claims as you want each year up to $2,500.00 each.
    1. The court costs for the claims under $1,500.00: $30.00 each
    2. For claims between $1,501.00 and $5,000.00: $50.00 each
    3. For claims filed by a natural person or sole proprietor $5,001.00-$10,000.00: $75.00 each
    4. 13 claims or more per calendar year: $110.00 additional each
  2. You may file only 2 claims per calendar year for amount up to $5,000.00 each (in some cases $10,000.00).  You may file as many claims as needed in the Limited Jurisdiction court rather than small claims court.
  3. You may choose someone who is employed by you to represent your business in small claims court (except your attorney).
  4. Ace is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided to it by you the client.  Be careful in filling out our forms as we base the court documentation on this information.  You must provide Ace with an address where the defendant or defendants may be located.
  5. Ace Small Claims Service does not give legal advice.  We are not-licensed attorneys, nor can we guarantee a favorable outcome on your claim.  However, we are a service with many years experience in the field of court filings and process serving.  We will make sure that your claim is completed filled in the correct court, is served in a legal and timely manner, and that a proof of service in the defendant is filed.  Upon completion of these steps, we will return a packet, which shows the date, time and location for your appearance in court.