How It Works

If you are like many of our clients, your company has many unpaid invoices, bad checks, uncollected judgments or other debts owed to you!  As you may know the courts are filled with cases of unpaid money and broken contracts.  Ace Small Claims Service is a business specifically designed to help collect moneys owed to you by others without the headache of filling out legal forms and the countless hours waiting in lines.

For a flat fee, Ace will properly complete the necessary forms using the information you give to us.  Ace will wait in line to file the forms in the proper court and to file proofs of service.  Ace will serve the defendant.  Ace will then return all the necessary forms to you in a packet.

Our package fees include all court costs, servicing the defendant and waiting in lines.  All you have to do is appear in court at the appointed date and time.

Let us help you collect your money through the legal process in Small Claims Court.  Ace Small Claims Service will help you collect your money without taking a percentage of your money.  Please contact us with any questions on any collection matter you may have.  We are not lawyers, however with our twelve years in the business we have had a lot of first-hand experience in the Small Claims Court and we feel that we know most of the in’s and out’s of collecting money for our clients.