Is Small Claims Mediation Right for Me?

Posted on Feb 10, 2020

If you are considering filing a case against someone, you might be curious if small claims mediation is right for you. Small claims mediation is most useful when the dispute is with someone you know or you want to keep a positive ongoing relationship with. Small claims mediation is low cost and sometimes free, which makes it an ideal option for those who wish to resolve disputes amicably. 

Taking part in an angry or bitter case before a judge is often damaging to relationships. Individuals who want to maintain a positive relationship get the most out of small claims mediation because they can have a discussion about the issues while sharing their frustrations in a way that may not be allowed in a court setting.

Mediation can be beneficial even for those who are not concerned about necessarily maintaining a close relationship. A successful mediation also reduces the chance that a case will be lost. Additionally, you can keep control of the whole process in mediation; whereas in court, the judge has control. Mediation also offers an immediate resolution and the other party is typically more likely to hold up their end of the deal or payment requirement. When someone loses in court, they often drag their feet when it comes to paying or they fail to out of anger. 

Small claims court mediation may not be for everyone. If you just want what you are asking for (no more or no less, no matter the reason), or if you just want the opposing party to suffer in a court case before a judge, then mediation is likely not worth your time. Consider what outcome you want to see from a case before you make the decision to mediate.