We Can Help

If you have any of the following situations:

  • Unpaid invoices
  • Bad checks (NSF, Stopped Payment, Account Closed, etc.)
  • Old judgments that have not been collected
  • You paid for services that were incomplete or not rendered
  • You want to collect bad debts but don’t have the time to file the case yourself
  • You have bad debts that have become uncollectible
  • You’ve moved and have not received your security deposit back
  • Someone dented your car and refuses to pay for repairs
  • Hired a contractor who did bad work for your house
  • Loaned someone money and that person refuses to pay you back

Then Ace Small Claims Service can help!  Ace Small Claims Service is a Southern California based independent Small Claims Service Agency that offers:

  • Preparing and Filing Small Claims Actions
  • Service of Small Claims on Defendant
  • Prompt Return of Proofs of Services to Court

Ace also offers assistance in Judgment Collection, Asset Searches, Skip Tracing and Appeals.